Troll Army Meets Chivalry – Funny Chivalry Moments

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Funny Chivalry Medieval Warfare Moments! Trolling, glitches, kills, funny deaths, shenanigans, troll army montage, All in this compilation funtage video and more videos of gameplay! Funny moments in Chivalry Medieval Warfare were we take the troll army to do some funny epic sax guy trolling and some other funny deaths in the game!
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The Troll Army decided to meet up and try out new games. This time we fight in the medieval days of chivalry!

Songs Used:
– epic sax guy

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Funny Chivalry moments
Funny chivalry Army
Chivalry troll army
Funny Chivalry glitch

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Olgfried says:

Let's do this again in chivalry 2!

slayer31397 says:

Normal laugh: "hahahaha" This fckin guy: "Hoohoohoohuehueheehooohooo"

Anthony Meschino says:

You know, there’s something truly special about the first game.. it never took itself too seriously

S Gp says:

With 1600hrs on this game honestly you can have so much fun. One of the funniest experience I had was when I hid in a barn on the enemies side and one of the enemy players joined me in the end there were 5 of them and they killed me.

Patrick McNeil says:

0:03 what’s going on

쿠사나기 쿄 says:

0:02, 1:06, 1:43

Epic Sax Guy Moments

Chill Trooper says:

I think it's kind of funny you should do a live stream

Jacco Alvedon says:

This video is basically a grown man laughing at people dry humping things…

Farid ahmed says:


Jose Edsel Caspillo says:

Wait that sound like delirious

bak j says:

Gayvalry: Medieval gay festival

Marshparsh says:

why do peapel play this game

Jordan Demelo says:

I find this hilarious 😂 not sure about you

waffle says:

Try not to laugh 💯

Zach M says:

If you look up while running its pretty funny. You'll get a kick out of watching people do it.

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